此次合作,WEAVISM織本主義把東區概念店分為Chill Zone、Fresh Zone、Eco Zone、香草植物體驗與DIY配方分享區等六大區域。在Fresh Zone中提供15種原料,讓民眾可現場實驗一杯最新鮮飲品、Eco Zone則可體驗8種天然零食。另外WEAVISM織本主義也與雷射切割機品牌 FLUX(通量三維) 合作,推出生化客製,可雕刻個人聲波、指紋於系列單品中,烙印個人專屬標誌。

Clothing store Weavism and café experience Zhouwei Dadaocheng has developed a new and modern take on an interactive shopping experience as well as a forward selection of products available. This store has divided into a concept store of six sections, the ‘Chill Zone’, ‘Fresh Zone’, ‘Eco Zone’, ‘Herbal Experience’, and the DIY Recipe Zone.

Each zone is fitted with a different interactive experience, such as the Fresh Zone, allowing shoppers to create and concoct their own beverage then and there, through a selection of fifteen different natural and raw ingredients.
The Eco Zone explores local Taiwanese snacks and educates on the importance of environmental sustainability whilst allowing for a tasteful experience. All products selected are grown on Taiwanese land, focusing on natural staple ingredients such as sweet potatoes and all snacks are meant to be recognised in their original shape and flavour, retracing a past and idea that snacks can be good for the body, healthy and natural.

The Chill Zone is an immersive reading exhibition, where fifteen types of herbs, plants, flowers fruit and other raw materials are discussed and paired in the form of flip books.
This zone is the perfect partner to the outdoor DIY Recipe and Vanilla Plant Zone, where 15 different kinds of raw materials can be made into hand pressed cards and people can share their own recipes whilst surrounded by ten different varieties of vanilla plant, available to smell, touch and select to bring home to enjoy.

In addition to this brilliant in-store experience, Weavism has partnered with FLUX 3D Laser Cutting Company to launch the ‘Biochemical Custom Series’, where individuals can purchase from a selection of different products and then choose to engrave a sound wave or fingerprint on the item of choice. As each person has unique and irreplicable fingerprint, it is a valuable and a unique one-of-a-kind design and a piece of memorabilia that can be kept close and carried around day-to-day. The ‘Sonic Wave’ and ‘Verbal Vibrations’ are a way of eternalizing a memory, message that one may want to share with someone special or even with themselves. The Laser Technology has allowed a chance to memorialize a moment in history and to create and express emotions through a visual texture. Currently released, is a card holder available with a lanyard or as an individual piece made using fine leather. High quality, unique and handy, it is the perfect item for this collaborative technology.

The ’Taiwan Earth SNACK PACK’, including 8 different types of Taiwanese local desserts is available for purchase as well as the ‘DIY RAW INGREDIENTS POUCH’, containing 15 different raw and natural ingredients for the kitchen. These and the WEAVISM x FLUX 3D Leather Card holder are all available for a limited time on site.