史上最萌的狗SNOOPY再度出沒康是美啦!這次以「SNOOPY 當經典遇上藝術」主題,在居家生活、廚房小物及旅行用品等加入小巧思,有別以往純白簡約感,此次採用撞色感設計,讓SNOOPY看起來更加俏皮可愛,共有3波段推出16款商品,史努比迷們快把時間筆記下來吧!


Lifestyle and Pharmacy store Kang Shi Mei (COSMED has once again, collaborated with Snoopy to bring the beloved character into your home! This limited-edition collection is full of various warm and cheerful designs in the form of many practical products. No part of daily life has been left out in this series, with kitchen items, to the home office, to a suitcase, ready for travel!

Some home items include versatile seating or floor cushions with abstract snoopy designs, perfect for a family environment and can be used on a chair, on stools or simply on the floor.
The cushion is zippered and can easily be washed and maintained! The collection also features two floor mats, one rectangular, measuring 4060cm and the other a bit longer at 40120cm . Both feature bright Snoopy designs, one of Charlie Brown and the other of Snoopy, driving a vintage automobile car.

Snoopy has always been an iconic character on little bags and this collection features two retro multipurpose hand pouches in a golden yellow and a dark blue, both with different Snoopy designs and perfect for travelling, for kids or as a cosmetics pouch. Adding onto cosmetics, This collection also has released a LED mirror and drawer piece, featuring a double sided mirror with one side a 5x magnifying glass, a base storage unit perfect for holding makeup products and LED lighting at three different brightness settings! This clean white and minimalistic piece does not forget a simple touch of Snoopy and is perfect for a cute yet modern table setting.

This Snoopy series really focuses on household products, including a two-piece laundry bag set, cutely designed and perfect for travel and separating delicates from larger items of clothing. Snoopy doesn’t forget the most important room in the house- the kitchen! A beautiful white ceramic three-piece set, with a detachable handle and designed for travel and storage will help you make delicious meals at home, or while camping! And don’t forget your fashionable denim Snoopy apron, oven mitt and heat pad when cooking! This collaboration has thought of everything, including these three items, complete with a touch of Snoopy.

When it comes to travelling, nothing is more important than a good suitcase and a day-to-day travel pouch! Snoopy & Kang Shi Mei have released a 20-inch luggage, accessorized with 360 degree turn-point wheels, an access code lock and the beautiful, sleek but durable light-weight shell finished with a perfect travel Snoopy design. This case not only allows practicality while travelling but allows for the full completion of a fashionable vacation! Snoopy has also released a classic-retro cross body bag, interchangeable on the waist, shoulder or arm. This pouch is the perfect touch to an everyday outfit and holding all daily necessities or important travel items to keep close such as a passport or map!

The office space is important to everybody, especially during this work at home period of COVID-19 transition. Snoopy x Kang Shi Mei have released a beautiful and artistic desktop screen stand, heavy and wooden, water resistant, scratch proof with a storage space for a keyboard and desk accessories, this stand was designed for durable long-term usage. An adorable Snoopy computer keyboard in blue, red and yellow against a white background with the cutest round buttons is also available, with a matching Snoopy mouse and track pad. This four-piece set is the perfect desk set to complete any home office!

And at the end of it all, at the end of a long day or the beginning of a new one, wrap yourself in a giant Snoopy blanket, the cutest and most comforting blanket available. This blanket is a giant fleece and lamb wool material, as a giant Snoopy face design, the most healing type of accessory to keep close and the perfect item to bring together this home collection.