ARTIFACTS 是一家台灣精品店,擁有精心挑選的時裝、室內裝飾、科技產品和獨特配飾系列。其使命是在服裝和生活方式方面創造一種現代理念。在慶祝成立十週年之際,ARTIFACTS 與企業 LUCKYSTAR 合作發布了獨家“幸運貓”模型。

招財貓系列由德國設計品牌Donkey Products創立,通過ARTIFACTS銷售。這款十週年紀念錶款是一個獨特的項目,以“天空中最亮的星星”為概念發展而來,使用金屬銀來表達現代和航空航天元素。


這款招財貓擺件尺寸為 10.5 x 8 x 15cm,需要一節 AA 電池讓貓的左手連續擺動。歐洲品牌通常使用環保塑料,貓本身也有另外兩種金屬色,綠色和紅色——都是限量版。

ARTIFACTS is a Taiwanese high-end boutique with multiple locations, carrying a carefully hand selected collection of international brands in fashion, interior décor as well as tech gadgets and unique accessories. Their mission is to create a modern and contemporary way of life in both clothing and lifestyle. This curated brand is celebrating their Ten-Year Anniversary and has partnered with Taiwanese Enterprise, LUCKY STAR to release an exclusive, limited edition “Maneki Neko” model, or also known as a “Lucky Cat” model.

The Maneki Neko series was established by Donkey Products, a German creative design brand and sold through ARTIFACTS. This Ten-Year Anniversary model is a unique project, a concept developed upon the idea of “The Brightest Star in the Sky”, implementing a metallic outer-worldly silver to express the modern and aerospace elements that are often seen in ARTIFACTS selections.

Even the packaging has been carefully curated by the ARTIFACTS design team, a dark background used to emphasize the contrast of a galaxy in the starry night sky.

This Lucky Cat Decoration is 10.5 x 8 x 15cm and needs an AA battery to prompt the left hand of the cat to swing continuously. European brands are likely to use environmentally friendly plastic and the cat itself also comes in two other metallic colours, green and red- both limited editions.