[Japan] uka X PLUIE

[Japan] uka X PLUIE

uka 於 2021 年 10 月 28 日(星期四)與珠寶品牌 PLUIE 合作發布限量新指甲色“uka pluie study”。

uka的“study”系列是將眾多顧客的研究成果按照主題融入指甲顏色的系列。與作為「Study」新作登場的 PLUIE 合作,瓶子上設計加入 PLUIE 的鹿角標誌,根據周圍環境的顏色開發出全部三種指甲顏色。


uka released a limited number of new nail colors "uka pluie study" in collaboration with jewelry brand PLUIE from October 28, 2021 (Thursday).

uka's "study" series is a collection that incorporates the research results learned from many customers into nail colours according to the theme. In collaboration with PLUIE, which will appear as a new work of "Study", all three nail colours created from the colours surrounding the environment will be developed. The bottle has the Antler mark, which is the icon of PLUIE.

uka is an all-round beauty salon in Japan.
The hair salon "EXCeL", which was found in 1970, is based on the nail department newly established with nail technician Kiho Watanabe in 1996. After that, he became independent as uka in 2009. Nail technician Kiho Watanabe, who is also active as a seminar lecturer, will be the representative, focusing on salon work and creative activities in media.