HOLA 以與來自不同背景的不同藝術家和創作者合作而聞名,並向前邁出了下一步,與少數民族或族裔群體接觸並開始項目,可以與世界分享他們的獨特性。

The Twelve Constellations can now watch over you from inside your home! Tang Qi Yang, renowned Constellation expert has taken her knowledge and understanding of the stars to create an out-of-this-world tableware collection with leading interior outlet HOLA.

This collection spans a useful range of tableware and mugs, all elegantly created with intricate astrological designs and with Morandi colour tones, this set brings a calming and spiritual element of energy into the little moments in life.

The beginning with twelve different mugs, the series also includes a tableware set box, with deep dishes, appetizer platters, both soup and rice bowls as well as individual serving saucers. These ceramic mugs and plates have been divided into different astrological categories. Tang Qiyang has chosen express the stars and a vision for a healthier life and beauty, carving the 12 constellations onto the mugs, creating a luxurious and deep-rooted feminine energy. With elegant golden details as well as a gold stir spoon, these mugs carry not only a warm and healthy drink, but natural energy reflected within. The tableware set is split amongst the traditional fire, earth, wind and water signs with small writings that motivate and inspire the spiritual journey within each person. This collection truly connects with the soul, nourishing and reviving the soul beyond just drinking and eating.

HOLA is well known for collaborating with different artists and creators from a variety of backgrounds and has taken the next step forward, reaching out and beginning projects with minority or ethnic groups can share their uniqueness with the world.