[Taiwan]CHARLES & KEITH x Molly Chiang

[Taiwan]CHARLES & KEITH x Molly Chiang

新加坡品牌CHARLES&KEITH首次與台灣明星合作,與Molly Chiang共同發布熱帶海濱服裝系列。這個聯名系列包含多款衣櫥必備品,包括五款不同的鞋子、四種款式的手袋和兩副太陽鏡——全部由 Molly 設計、挑選、定型和建模。

該系列以沉穩的森林和焦糖色調,以明亮的橙色和黃色點綴,搭配波西米亞和梭織設計,盡顯陽光、島嶼和民俗風情。顏色與手袋的設計和款式完美結合,彰顯 Molly 獨特而火熱的時尚魅力。 Charles & Keith 長期以來一直遵循現代商業模式。考慮到這些新價值觀和對設計的敏銳直覺,Charles & Keith 能夠提供 Molly 完成這個高端地中海類型系列所需的資源。


Contemporary Singaporean Fashion Brand CHARLES & KEITH have collaborated with a Taiwanese designer celebrity for the first time ever, releasing a tropical seaside series with renowned fashionista, Molly Chiang. This co-branded series contains a variety of wardrobe necessities, including five different shoes, four styles of handbags and two sets of sunglasses, all of which are designed, selected, proofed, finalized and then modelled by Molly herself on the outer islands of Penghu.

The series follows warming, calm forest and caramel tones with bright splashes of orange and yellow, paired with bohemian details, woven designs, all expressing sunshine as well as island and folk style elements. The colours are a great combination with the design and styles of the handbags, highlighting Molly’s glamourous eye for a unique and fiery sense of fashion. As a traveller and summer girl, Molly wanted to incorporate her love for the tropical lifestyle into a versatile wardrobe suitable for vacationing but most importantly, daily urban life. Charles & Keith which has long since adopted a modern business model as the label continues to grow, had far left behind the traditional idea of selling shoes and designs from wholesale suppliers. With these values in mind and a bright intuition for design, Charles & Keith were able to provide the resources that Molly needed to complete this high end, Mediterranean type collection.

This fantastic ocean breeze, sun goddess debut is limited time and a capsule wardrobe perfect for the modern day, business woman who knows how to enjoy the little things in life.