[Taiwan]BEAUTYBLENDER x Molly Chiang

[Taiwan]BEAUTYBLENDER x Molly Chiang

原創美妝蛋Beauty Blender與Molly攜手合作,在新光三越A11打造粉紅美妝蛋快閃店!並邀請你來吃最甜蜜的限量冰淇淋!10/14~10/27台北新光三越信義A11南大門1F週年慶快閃店期間,Beauty Blender與知名人氣冰品巧克力品牌南投埔里18度C巧克力工房(Feeling18)推出甜蜜派對限量冰淇淋,搭配莫莉專屬特惠組合買就贈,只送不賣,讓你上妝及味蕾同步療癒!

Beauty Blender 與台灣南投埔里18度C巧克力工房(Feeling18),攜手推出五款快閃店限量冰品- 人氣經典巧克力、草莓牛奶、抹茶、覆盆子,以及首次推出,莫莉最愛的全新限定口味-開心果,10/14-10/27期間於台北信義新光三越A11南大門 1F Beauty Blender快閃店中購買指定甜蜜派對優惠組合,即能享有人氣冰品,數量有限!

此次最驚喜的就是同步推出超可愛原創美妝蛋造型訂製悠遊卡,全球只有超限量300張,價值$990,內貼心附上$100元優惠加值金額,參與官方網站線上活動以及快閃店消費滿額即可獲得,帶上它一起前往台北板南線搭乘限時的beauty blender粉紅列車吧!

Iconic makeup brand Beauty Blender have partnered with Molly Chiang to create the amazing and sweet Beauty Egg collection promotions and Pop-Up Store series! Pop-up Events involving a limited-edition ice cream collaboration, a miniature train set design and giveaways will be held at several different locations from 10/14-11/30.

The Beauty Blender Christmas Sweets Party is a holiday collection full of everybody’s favourite winter elements, snowflakes, powdered sweets, ice cream etc.

Products include the Beauty Egg Berry Sorbet Limited set, an adorable ice cream cone holder shape with a beauty egg as the ice cream scoop. The cone is designed to be breathable at the bottom, to keep beauty eggs fresh in storage.

In addition, Beauty Blender have released a limited-edition pistachio coloured beauty egg, Molly’s favourite of the collection alongside a beautiful pink, candy travel soap only available as part of this series. Ice cream brand Feeling18, in collaboration on celebrating this egg, released five limited time ice cream flavours at the pop-up event, focusing specifically on Molly Chiang's favourite flavour- pistachio! This pistachio egg full of holiday spirit, will only be launched and first available at the Feeling18, Nantou Puli Ice Cream Event, 10/14-10/19.

The Tiramisu set is held a very cute ice cream container and comes with the special tiramisu coloured beauty egg, the limited time candy cleaning soap, the Egg Berry Sorbet cone, a mini washing buff and can be used as a travel kit or just placed on a shelf as a cute but useful accessory.

Also launched, is a useful set limited time 'Honey Cream' set, complete with the original classic pink egg, a mini washing buff with a heart design and a must-have, special edition honey cream detergent, made with all natural ingredients and strong anti-bacterial properties. Anybody who uses a beauty blender should look out to stock up on this product necessity, highly recommended by many makeup professionals.

Last but not least, a Sundae collection tops off this series, with a sweet collection of strawberry pink, berry pink and tiramisu beauty eggs for the perfect set, practical for applying powder, base makeup and contour. This set comes with two limited edition candy cleaning soaps and the mini washing buff, making for the sweetest Sundae this holiday season!

From 10/14-11/20, Taipei Shin Kong Xinyi A11 will be hosting a Beauty Blender pop up shop completed with an area for photo shoots on the “Sweet Pink Party Train’ made for the perfect SNS post. Beauty Blender Taiwan and Molly Chiang will select three fans on 11/30 as the winner of the new Tiramisu limited edition collection of the beauty eggs, worth NTD$2,230.

Products can be purchased in person at the Pop-up events and a chance to win the limited Tiramisu Set is available through tagging both Molly Chiang and Beauty Blender Taiwan on IG.