[Singapore] SUPERDUPER x DEPRESSION box set

[Singapore] SUPERDUPER x DEPRESSION box set

SUPERDUPER是一家成立於新加坡的精品獨立藥房,DEPRESSION是新加坡Sects Shop旗下的一個品牌,。

SUPERDUPER與DEPRESSION在Covid-19的情況下,合作推出了可重複使用的Stay Safe Kit套裝。


- 無酒精洗手液,70ml

- 多功能消毒劑,70ml

- 驅蟲噴霧+香茅和桉樹油,70ml

- Oversized t-shirt,有3個口袋可以用作裝噴霧劑,free size,100%cotton

SUPERDUPER is a boutique, independent apothecary founded in Singapore and DEPRESSION is a Singapore-based label, part of the Sects shop.

SUPERDUPER and DEPRESSION have launched a Stay Safe Kit keeping in mind the current scenario of Covid-19.

Stay Safe Kit includes:
• cos' baby knows best, alcohol-free hand sanitizer, 70ml
• wax on, wax off, multi-surface disinfectant, 70ml
• just bugger off, insect repellent spray + citronella and eucalyptus oils, 70ml
• oversized t-shirt with 3 pockets for the sprays, one size only, 100% cotton
• re-usable 'stay safe' box with graphics by DEPRESSION